The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee –, in its second ordinary meeting of 2018, held on Frebuary 23, 2018 at headquarters, and exercising the powers conferred upon it by Decree no.4.829/2003, has approved the following resolution:

Resolution – Financial support approval to the “Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network”

- Whereas the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network might address important contribution to the global debate context regarding the tensions between the cross-border nature of the internet and national jurisdictions;

- Whereas have been institutionally supporting that initiative since 2012, either by applying direct financial support to its secretariat, either by the participation of advisors and board members in the events and in the intersessional work conducted within the initiative.

Resolves the following:

- To approve the continuity of financial support to"Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network" for 2018, in the total amount of € 20,000(twenty thousand euros).

- To publicly announce that support during the 2nd Internet & Jurisdiction Global Conference, between 26 and 28 of February, 2018, in Ottawa, Canada, in the following terms:

" is pleased to announce the renewal of our long-standing financial, logistical and technical support to this very important initiative. Beyond the financial support, the members who attended the two I&J conferences and have been closely following the intersessional work-is fully committed to continue engaged in the Internet and Jurisdiction Policy Network Process and bring new partners on board."